Sunday, 13 May 2012

Cannington to Mark

A fine day, but dull walking.

Off by just after 10 after arranging a (very expensive) taxi to take my bag to Mark, and failing once again to hand in my key. But perhaps as well: I don’t think anyone should be allowed to get into a room like that!

A flat five miles to Bridgwater. A flat walk across a dull town and the M5 – the first Motorway I’ve seen on the trip. A further flat cross country bit to Chedzoy. The local dogs get bored, too: two of them accompanied me all the way from the edge of town to the pub. I had been warned that it might be closed, but it wasn’t – though the landlord said that he was thinking of shutting. Apart from me there were only two local women sipping cokes, and no-one else appeared while I was there. It was, at least, another phone charging opportunity.

Cow Parsley country
After the breack there were some minor navigational challenges crossing open fields by dead-reckoning, sometimes through knee-high grasses, at other times through waist high barley. And then – the only ascent of the day: all of 50m up the Polden Hills which border the Somerset levels. Easy uphill, though – tarmacadamed as part of a national cycle trail.

After a gentle descent to the levels it was a totally flat five miles to Mark. One brief section of footpath (very rutted and muddy), but mainly roads. This is Cow Parsley country: every inch of every verge is covered by its white profusion. Hawthorn is beginning to come out, but it must be a good two to three weeks late. Otherwise it’s drainage renes in straight lines, scattered willow trees, green fields for grazing or sileage. Swallows hoovering up insects the main bird interest.

Nearly there! But it's just one long, straight road ahead.
Not much more to say, really. A dull day. But at last I’ve turned the corner, and now I’m walking North.

Another day for plenty of sunscreen. Blue skies morning and evening, cloudier in the middle of the day. 14 to 22C. 28.21km; 93m ascent (largely over footbridges!), 100m descent. Very flat; occasionally muddy on farmland, but more roads than not.

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