The Route

This shows the English (and Welsh) part of the walk. The South West Coast Path from Land’s End to Minehead, then across Somerset, largely on the flat, and into Wales. Bristol was the only big city on the way. On to Offa’s Dyke Path for most of its length, and then across the West Midlands to join the Pennine Way at Edale. The final English stretch was the entire Pennine Way.

I started in February 2012, and finished the English (and Welsh) bit in June 2013. 

Then it was on to Scotland - a couple of days on St Cuthbert's Way, after which it was cross country to New Lanark.  Then up the River Clyde to Glasgow and on to Milngavie, which is where I finished up in 2013.

In 2014 it was up the West Highland Way and then the Great Glen Way. Finally it was up the East Coast beyond Inverness in May and June 2015.

Then it'll be time to start thinking about the next challenge ...

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